Hues of Summer

The biggest part of the outfit popped in to my head first, namely this dress. Trying to decide on the colour – coral orange? Just coral? Peach? Pick whichever one you like, I say it’s pretty.

There are for colours I’ve always been careful around, as a redhead. Orange is one of them. The trick is, as with many other things, to find what suits you, namely a hue. And I found this one. Not glaringly orange, softer, milder, and it works with other colours. Following the discovery of a shade of orange that worked for me was the joyful playing with combinations of blue, green and teal accessories.

My mother and I were walking around Cannes during a family holiday a few years ago, and I remember being somewhat overwhelmed by the prices in the shop windows around us. Then we turned in to a side street, and saw a window with several long summer dresses in various colours, comfortably, but flatteringly draping themselves around the mannequins on display. One of them made its way back home with me.

The metal rings on the straps are adjustable, so you can determine how much support you need on top and how much skin you want to display. Still, since I’m about to head to work, despite our relaxed dress code, I feel it’s appropriate to pick a light scarf in a complimentary contrast shade. Besides, I a) like scarves (always handy in Hamburg); b) there’s a breeze outside and I like how it lifts the ends.

A few accessories, silver because of the metal rings on the straps, and with a dash of colour echoing the scarf. Ready to go.

What do you say?

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