Hi there, and thanks for stopping by! I’m Zhenya, also known as Writsomniac. DressWrite is a blog on dressing, all sorts of (uniquely mine) thoughts-in-between and writing it all down for the purposes of entertainment and escapism. I’m not a fashionista, I just like putting outfits together and then going out in them to do things. I’m constantly excited by the fact that choosing what to wear is a process that leads me to retrieve memories, share stories and experiences, and also that it seems to fuel my particular brand of well-meaning sarcasm.

Come along for a walk along the paths of my brain as I fold, pull, write and occasionally sew on a button.

My first style posts were written for my other blog, if you like, you can read them here.


I am not a film, literary, music, fashion or any other kind of critic. All posts are entirely my own opinions and are written primarily for enjoyment and entertainment.

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